About RNZCC Incorporation

It is with pleasure that we announce the formation of the Russia-New Zealand Chamber of Commerce Inc (RNZCC). It is a membership-based association that seeks to facilitate and promote bilateral cooperation between Russia & New Zealand.

And I am pleased to announce that the Hon Jim Sutton will become Patron of the RNZCC. Mr Sutton is a former Minister for Agriculture, and Trade Negotiations, and now Ambassador for Trade. In 2004 he led a trade delegation to Russia.

It is anticipated that RNZCC members will represent a diversity of sectors, including financial and legal services, information and communications technology, education, manufacturing, construction, transportation, agriculture, mining and energy.

The link with the Chamber of Commerce is vital for both Russia and New Zealand and provides an invaluable source of connections across all markets. It will enable RNZCC to enhance competitiveness for its members by providing market insight and information, business and logistical support and services, and potential project leads and introductions in both economies.

Senior business and government leaders from Russia and New Zealand will provide a positive bilateral exchange, offering prime networking opportunities for participants.

In May 2008 Russia's dairy giant, Nutritek, received OIO approval to purchase New Zealand Dairies Ltd, in Studholme, South Canterbury. The Nutritek interest was described by the Chairman of NZ Federated Farmers - Dairy Section, as the type of foreign investment New Zealander's welcomed.

In a speech to the EU Business Council on 20 June 2008, the Hon Phil Goff, Minister of Trade, said "We also want to strengthen our relations with non-EU countries in Europe as well as an increasingly influential and powerful Russia".